Our Products


Evie’s Brinery is committed to making fresh Alaska vegetables mixes that are delicious, nourishing and easy to serve. We partner with Alaska farms and other local small businesses to foster healthy Alaskan people, economies and communities.   

 We produce the highest quality fermented vegetables available. Above all our foods are delicious; they also contain organic and/or non-chemical grown ingredients, and they are raw, vinegar- free and rich in healthful probiotics.



Alaska Kimchi 

Fiery, lively, flavorful, and fearless-the Alaska version of the classic Korean staple combines green cabbage, carrots, green onion, red bell pepper, ginger, garlic, hot pepper, sesame seeds and sea salt. 
An excellent topper for grilled salmon, salmon cakes, fried eggs and stir-fried vegetables.

Ruby Red Ginger 'Kraut

Bright and sassy-this beauty includes red cabbage, ginger, lemon juice and sea salt.
Try it in your favorite sandwich, on French onion soup, or toss with spinach & feta for a gourmet salad.

Ginger Citrus Carrots

Bright orange happiness in a jar! Just sweet Alaska carrots, ginger, lemon juice & sea salt.
Toss with arugula, orange slices or avocado & slivered almonds for a simple gourmet salad, or serve on its own for an easy side salad.

Kale, Carrot & Cumin 'Kraut

Our South of the Border favorite. Terrific on it's own or used in place of salsa-blends the warm & spicy flavors of carrot, kale, cabbage, cumin, chili pepper and smoked sea salt.
Simply terrific just with chips! Or try it on fish tacos, huevos racheros or black bean soup.

Lemon Dill 'Kraut

Fresh tasting and dilly, this variation of traditional sauerkraut is like summer in a jar.
Enjoy it tucked in a grilled cheese sandwich, on a cheese plate, or as an easy side dish.

Look for our special brines starting spring 2016!